Gongol.com Archives: April 2006
Brian Gongol

Threats and Hazards (2006.04.17)
A Mainly Useless Idea Spreads
UK is thinking of adopting the US-style "terror warning system," which does very little to tell people about what they should actually be doing to defend themselves

Business and Finance (2006.04.17)
What the US Should Learn from the UK's Housing-Market Bubble
Prices don't rise rapidly forever, and when things get tough, people can lose their homes

News (2006.04.17)
Bad Holiday Driving Kills 101 in Spain
Apparently Easter is infamous as a deadly holiday there

Business and Finance (2006.04.17)
China's Economy Eclipses Britain's
So now the UK is planning to change its higher-ed system in order to get more degreed people in the workforce