Gongol.com Archives: May 2006
Brian Gongol

Health (2006.05.10)
Small study says women can gauge testosterone with one look
Women appear to have the ability to pick up on certain cues that reveal traits for masculinity and child-friendliness in men. Another argument for evolution.

News (2006.05.10)
Putin: Russia needs more guns and more babies
Suggests that the US is creating an environment in which Russia needs to bulk up its defenses

News (2006.05.10)
Suburb wants to create "Chicago's Disney World"
Half-billion-dollar entertainment complex is planned

Iowa (2006.05.10)
Another local-option sales tax floated for Des Moines
Coupled with minor property-tax relief. Probably not a worthwhile idea, since the net effect is to raise taxes -- and annoy merchants who have to manage sales taxes

Business and Finance (2006.05.10)
Whirlpool will close Maytag plant in Newton

News (2006.05.10)
Irish drivers get 50% worse in one year
Police report 51% annual increase in road offenses

Iowa (2006.05.10)
Water Works threatens to close Des Moines Botanical Center
The center lost $438,000 in 2005

News (2006.05.10)
UK trying to decide whether to adopt Oregon-style euthanasia law
More reason why it's important to know what's happening throughout the Anglosphere; laws now cross borders faster than ever

Socialism Doesn't Work (2006.05.10)
Dear Congress: We love the tax cuts, but what about controlling spending?

Humor and Good News (2006.05.10)
Extradition by discount airline

Water news: ADM says it will build 250 MG ethanol plant in Iowa
Graphics: The Road Ahead