Gongol.com Archives: May 2006
Brian Gongol

Threats and Hazards (2006.05.11)
2.4 million people still living as refugees
Not Katrina evacuees, but people in Africa

The United States of America (2006.05.11)
Small-government conservatives voicing irritation with current leadership
It's not as though Democrats are offering a viable alternative, but the race to see who can expand government the most has to end

Science and Technology (2006.05.11)
Why US letter-sized paper is different from European paper
The US standard letter size (8.5" x 11") is an 85-year-old standard; European paper is based on an ISO system involving a convenient ratio for scaling up and down

Business and Finance (2006.05.11)
The problem of "Chinese math"
Too many people stake their plans on the ease of capturing a small percentage of a large market -- without realizing that it's still a big job

Health (2006.05.11)
Epic newspaper series about hospitals in New Orleans during Katrina

Socialism Doesn't Work (2006.05.11)
Chavez goes out of his way to avoid Blair during visit to UK

Threats and Hazards (2006.05.11)
London bombers were inspired by Al Qaeda, but not related to it

Water news: Will Las Vegas depend on desalination?
Graphics: Act Now