Gongol.com Archives: June 2006
Brian Gongol

The United States of America (2006.06.09)
District court does the right thing, protecting free speech
Court dismisses claims against Tucker Max for comments people leave on his website. He's crude, and so are some of the people who comment on his site. But that's the point of free speech.

Computers and the Internet (2006.06.09)
Security flaw hits most browsers, but not especially urgent
Firefox, Internet Explorer both vulnerable to a newly-discovrered bug, but they say it'll take so much user interaction to make anything happen that it's supposedly unlikely to be a serious concern. Opera appears to be unaffected.

Business and Finance (2006.06.09)
University towns do unusually well economically
Chicago Fed research says Iowa City, Madison, and other university towns all tend to show faster job growth than average

Water news: Des Moines sets new record for water use
Graphics: Triangulate the Signal