Gongol.com Archives: June 2006
Brian Gongol

CommerceBucket (2006.06.19)
Minting female millionaires

Aviation News (2006.06.19)
An airline disaster that really didn't have to happen
How 301 people were killed in a 1980 plane crash because the pilot was an idiot

Aviation News (2006.06.19)
Some Southwest Airlines employees are millionaires, but keep on working

Threats and Hazards (2006.06.19)
Why was a cyanide attack on the NYC subway called off?
Perhaps because Al Qaeda didn't think the attack was big enough

Science and Technology (2006.06.19)
New test will allow embryonic screening for 200 inherited health problems

News (2006.06.19)
US Episcopalians put a woman in charge
Shock, horror, and dismay expressed by some -- but aren't there more important things to worry about, like why we don't yet have a cure for cancer?

News (2006.06.19)
UK's Labour Party worried it may get the boot from office
Oddly, it could be Tony Blair's affiliation with George W. Bush that could get them

News (2006.06.19)
Smaller government as a consequence of globalization
Observations on how the forces of globalization may actually force governments to think smaller than they have in half a century or more. A good example is the vote for greater independence in Catalonia.

Water News Much-hoped-for drought relief fails to materialize

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