Gongol.com Archives: July 2006
Brian Gongol

July 16, 2006

Computers and the Internet How YouTube escapes copyright punishment
As a service provider, they escape all the legal clauses that would ordinarily slam them (rightfully) for copyright infringement

Business and Finance Bankruptcy in the cards for the US unless something changes
By trying to vote themselves rich, voters have in fact voted for disaster -- according to an economist working for the Fed. Even worse, we're saving nothing on our own. This threatens the anti-inflationary policies that the Fed is supposed to uphold. Unfortunately, one of the unpleasant decisions that probably has to be made is to implement compulsory savings programs for retirement.

Science and Technology If all US corn went to ethanol, it would offset 12% of gasoline
Biodiesel appears to have a higher energy return to input

Socialism Doesn't Work 200,000 people went to prison for telling jokes in the USSR

Broadcasting FCC wasting time, money, and liberty searching for bad words in sports broadcasts
Trouble in the Middle East, no cure for cancer, and energy in short supply...so now the government wants to scan tapes of football games for bad language?

Science and Technology SUVs x more miles driven = more responsibility for carbon dioxide
That's the claim of a report from an environmental-advocacy group

News A good time to make friends
G8 summit a good time for the US and India to warm up the friendship -- both countries could use each other right now

Threats and Hazards Oil prices hit new record highs
Violence in the Mideast and problems in Nigeria mean there isn't a lot of slack 'twixt supply and demand. Add the threat of broader war between Israel and Lebanon, et al., and that could spell trouble. However, the CEO of Valero says prices probably won't go much higher for a while. Related: Israel claims it's striking all parts of Lebanon, and Lebanon claims they're using banned weapons, but a Lebanese leader says a peace agreement could happen in 24 hours. A Hezbollah leader, though, says things are only starting to get bad.

Computers and the Internet Crooks now targeting PowerPoint
There are plenty of good reasons to stay away from PowerPoint (chiefly its detrimental effect on analytical thought), but now Microsoft says the program is being targeted by crooks loading viruses in PowerPoint files delivered via spam

Computers and the Internet Has MySpace been hacked?