Gongol.com Archives: July 2006
Brian Gongol

July 18, 2006

Health Doctor, nurses arrested over behavior during Hurricane Katrina
At issue: Whether they were responsible for killing patients during the disaster in New Orleans, and whether it constitutes mercy killing or murder. The doctor in question is a surgeon.

The United States of America 94-year-old man will get to play minor-league ballgame

Iowa West Des Moines #71 among "best places to live"

CommerceBucket Home Depot starts selling advertising
Advertisers become the media again

CommerceBucket CBS marketing folks need head examinations
Putting ads on eggshells seems really stupid and creepy

Broadcasting Dr. Z and his new commercials
DaimlerChrysler's CEO is a little bit crazy, but the commercials are funny

News Mexican presidential candidate continues to demand recount

Threats and Hazards "We will strike anyone who would strike at us"
Israel's prime minister threatens to escalate Israeli-Lebanese conflict to all-out war

Weather and Disasters 300 killed by tsunami in Indonesia

Water News Iowa still needs more rain

Humor and Good News Possibly the worst music video of all time
(Video) One hilarious train wreck

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