Gongol.com Archives: July 2006
Brian Gongol

July 24, 2006

Graphics Modern Wonders

Broadcasting BBC's 24-hour newsroom

News Bill Clinton blamed for rising rents in Harlem

The United States of America The East Coast shows no respect
Montana thinks it's been slighted in coverage of Lewis and Clark commemorations

The United States of America The rescue of the handcart pioneers

News Free-trade talks break down

Threats and Hazards War in Congo bigger killer than Asian tsunami
Total number of deaths is probably four million or higher

Science and Technology Nature appears to be the greater part of educational attainment
But how a child is raised definitely appears to have a hand in how well he or she will do, too

Socialism Doesn't Work Chavez and Castro co-host anti-US rally in Argentina
The US still needs friends in Latin America

Humor and Good News Wedding invitation made out like a tabloid magazine cover

Water News Wildfires not isolated to western US

Agriculture Study says switchgrass puts more carbon into the soil than corn
Which could make a difference to the net environmental effects of using the two crops to produce ethanol

Threats and Hazards Pakistan may be heating up nuclear plans
They appear to be building a plant that could produce enough plutonium for four dozen nuclear weapons a year

The United States of America ABA says President Bush has an unusual habit of not enforcing laws he doesn't like
Presidents have always had the ability to selectively enforce laws, though that ability ought to be challenged in the courts (thanks to checks and balances). But the ABA says the current President has done it more than all previous Presidents combined.

Socialism Doesn't Work Lower house of Poland's parliament approves Communist purge
Poland never really had a purge of Communists from its public sector. With Senate and presidential approval, it may now.

Business and Finance States with minimum wages above the Federal minimum

News Dissent as a source of national identity

News Ben Stein argues Israel's response is definitely not "disproportionate"
Unfortunately, innocent people will be injured no matter what precautions are taken, and that tends to galvanize opposition

Weather and Disasters Parts of St. Louis area still without power four days after storms
More than 200,000 people are without electricity. Hospitals are getting heavily burdened with people who need electricity for home treatment who have to go to the hospital since they're without juice.

Humor and Good News New version of Monopoly board game uses debit cards instead of cash

Computers and the Internet Domain squatters up the ante
Now they're taking domain names that people are simply checking for availability -- a good reason to use a trusted service like PairNIC

Humor and Good News Exorcise your anti-David Hasselhoff feelings
And if you're in Australia, run for the hills -- he's going to star in a musical autobiography