Gongol.com Archives: July 2006
Brian Gongol

July 25, 2006

Computers and the Internet 24% of computer users have no antivirus software
At the very least they should download one of the free antivirus programs like AVG

Iowa Run a "charity," take home $315,000 a year

Iowa Iowa Democrats trying to target the most honest man in state government
State Auditor David Vaudt has been tracking all kinds of questionable government behavior during his time in office, and now state Democrats trying to offset some of the CIETC blame onto him

Health Whether effects are delayed or not, more people still need to exercise
The social costs of America's widespread failure to get off the couch are going to continue growing dangerously as the Medicare rolls become stuffed with Baby Boomers

CommerceBucket Skype's creators want to get into streaming video

Water News Drought conditions deepen across central US

Threats and Hazards Half of all child porn comes from the US
Perhaps some of the money and effort that are being wasted trying to regulate TV and radio content could instead be devoted to pursuing and punishing those who abuse children.

Threats and Hazards Lawsuit against AT&T goes forward
Alleges that the company participated in illegal domestic surveillance. Good for the court that it's letting this be discussed in the open.

Computers and the Internet French presidential candidate using Web strategy

Computers and the Internet FBI arrests hacker at security conference
They say he impersonated an officer in the course of some private investigation work he was doing

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