Gongol.com Archives: July 2006
Brian Gongol

July 28, 2006

Humor and Good News "Life jackets issued to all Americans for some reason"

Weather and Disasters Latest tsunami a reminder we're still terrible at issuing warnings
There are lots of ways humanity could get the word out in case of disaster, but we're still not very good at it

Computers and the Internet Bugs Bunny, adware, and pornography
Warner Brothers says it's going to stop doing business with a firm that has been offering free games on WB's website, because the program people have to download in order to get the games loads adware onto the user's computer -- adware that pushes stuff like porn

Aviation News Inside the Hindenburg
There are eight flight-certified manufacturers of airships today

Business and Finance Economy slows, stock brokers smile
Bizarre but true: If the economy slows, then the Fed will probably back off interest rates. If that happens, the market for stocks looks better.

Computers and the Internet Surprises found via Google Earth
People perusing aerial photos discovered that a fountain in Belgium looks like a swastika from above; the city has decided to change it to a shamrock instead. Belgian shamrocks? Nearly as amusing: A wacky miniature military installation in China.

Iowa Dallas County sheriff arrested
Charged with theft of $120,000 cash from a traffic stop

Humor and Good News What CEOs could learn from "Joe Canadian"
(Videos) Related: William Shatner spoofed the legendary Molson commercial

Threats and Hazards Iran executes kids
16-year-old girl executed for "crimes against chastity". Iran has more people than the UK. The current theocratic leadership is trying hard to keep the reformers down.

Computers and the Internet What happens when you try to copy currency using Photoshop

Computers and the Internet IE 7 is coming whether you like it or not
Microsoft is going to distribute Internet Explorer 7 as part of an automatic update sometime in the fourth quarter

Science and Technology A challenge for the verbally acute
An "intelligence test" that asks how well you can recognize certain linguistic patterns. My performance unaided and unassisted, and the full set of answers, thanks to a quick search on the Internet.

Graphics Alpha Wonders

Water News Bad hospital water can make you sick