Gongol.com Archives: July 2006
Brian Gongol

July 29, 2006

Business and Finance House approves increase in minimum wage
Senate may or may not do anything about it

The United States of America Nobody seems happy with the political status quo, but incumbents will be re-elected anyway
Here's a wacky observation: Perhaps things would be better if the US didn't rely so heavily upon the Federal government to do anything. It's a lot easier to hate Nancy Pelosi and Ted Kennedy from afar but keep on voting for one's own Senators and Representatives election after election, since one's own Congressional representatives bring home the bacon. But if there were less bacon being distributed in DC, it would be easier to hold one's state legislators accountable for their behavior than to complain about everyone other state's Senators.

Threats and Hazards UN Security Council halfway to telling to Iran to knock it off with nuclear weapons
The five permanent members have agreed to a draft, which they'll take to the full council on Monday. Of course, the proposal only calls on Iran to stop uranium enrichment within a month's time and there's no attached threat of consequences.