Gongol.com Archives: August 2006
Brian Gongol

August 2, 2006

Science and Technology Water, electricity, and refrigeration -- all in one box
Three of the most urgent needs in a disaster

News Studying Hezbollah can teach us about public-health emergencies
Public health used to be decentralized, but "since 9/11 we have destroyed it and tried to replace it with a vertically organized Incident Command Structure and its chain of command. This makes particularly bad sense for responding to pandemic disease." A point much larger than just public health.

Weather and Disasters Lots of speculation but little solid knowledge to plan around Tropical Storm Chris

Threats and Hazards How a single attack on Houston could cripple the US energy supply

Business and Finance HoJo history
The rise and fall of Howard Johnson's from ice-cream shop to hotels

Graphics Deep Space Telescope

CommerceBucket How Richard Branson gets his ideas

Computers and the Internet Hackers show how to hijack a Mac in 60 seconds
"they ultimately decided to run the demo against a Mac due to what Maynor called the 'Mac user base aura of smugness on security.'"

Business and Finance Oil prices rise thanks to Lebanon and tropical storm
Chris should be a hurricane within 24 hours

Humor and Good News "Bush grants self permission to grant more power to self"
Truth or fiction? Sometimes it's hard to tell. But he's not Castro.

Iowa Church, hog confinement destroyed by strong winds in northwest Iowa

Science and Technology Creationism backers lose in Kansas
State school board candidates will be made up mainly of people who aren't creationists

Socialism Doesn't Work China jails dissenters
Man writes book about Tibet and democracy, gets 10-year prison sentence. A fifth of the world's population lives under that government.

News Defense Department won't endorse Iraqi president's plan to take over security
The president said Iraq would handle its own security by the end of the year

Water News Ames may have to impose mandatory water restrictions