Gongol.com Archives: August 2006
Brian Gongol

August 7, 2006

Threats and Hazards British correspondent says UK passport is now a liability

Iowa "There's not even a phony pretense of raising private money anymore"
EarthPark wants a lot of money from the small town of Riverside

Science and Technology Male monkeys prefer the same toys as human boys
And other observations from the world of sex differences and the human brain

The American Way August 7, 2006 Carnival of the Capitalists
Especially interesting: "Is it wrong to be an employee?", the top five business maxims that need to go, and how MySpace can cost you a job

Business and Finance Ben Stein says it's time to buy stocks

Health Higher health-care prices may be due to Medicare
A research paper suggests that Americans spend lots more on health-care today than we did a half-century ago because Medicare created a massive new supply of insurance, which people then chose to use

Science and Technology Department of Energy to provide risk insurance for six new nuclear power plants
No new plants have been built since 1973, so the DoE is offering $500 million in insurance incentives for each of the next two new nuclear plants, and $250 million for the following four

CommerceBucket The evolution of consumer protection

Business and Finance Rusty pipeline forces BP to shut down Prudhoe Bay oil field
It'll cut daily US output of oil by 8% -- lighting another fire under gas prices

Humor and Good News Samuel L. Jackson calling

Water News Tens of thousands of acres burned in Nebraska wildfires

Graphics Air Traffic Control