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Brian Gongol

August 13, 2006

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The United States of America Getting a rational grip on what threatens us
Terrorism is big and scary, and it certainly could cause a lot of death and destruction -- but there are other things that are causing lots of death and suffering right now that we could probably bear to spend some more time acting upon

Humor and Good News "Father of the Revolution" apparently endorses Adidas
Fidel Castro doesn't seem like he's going to use his jogging suit for the intended purpose

Iowa Gingrich and Vilsack debate biofuels
The marathon-like race for the Presidency can get pretty exhausting for people living in states like Iowa, whose governors are thinking about running for the White House. The more time the prospective candidates dance around whether they're actually running, the less they seem to spend paying attention to their jobs.

News Three of the missing Egyptian exchange students found in Des Moines
Why would 11 students all decide not to show up to a month-long summer course in Montana?

News Is the President using money to distance himself from the news media?

Threats and Hazards Unemployment is a main cause of radicalism
Ironically, the larger the social-safety net, the higher the unemployment rate -- thus, nations with lots of welfare help may actually be making their own troubles worse

Aviation News Heathrow bosses order airlines to cut flights by 30%
If they really want to deal with the congestion caused by new security measures, how about imposing a new security fee? That way, if airlines want to keep flying the same volume of passengers, they'll have to bear the cost -- and if they decide not to do so, they'll have an economic advantage for cutting back. Market forces are in play everywhere, and simple bans and volume cuts like this rarely work.