Gongol.com Archives: August 2006
Brian Gongol

August 16, 2006

The American Way Optimism about the next Mexican government
"Calderón seems to put Mexico on a trajectory to further progress to freer markets, more economic growth, stronger democratic institutions, and rule of law"

Computers and the Internet PowerPoint abuse may be dangerous for troops in Iraq
The PowerPoint-slide mentality's way of cutting out transitional thoughts and continuity of explanation may actually be dangerous for those whose lives depend upon thoughtful execution of plans

Humor and Good News "No telling Mommy I shot my probation officer"

Socialism Doesn't Work No subsidies, please
Hong Kong resident complains about a subsidy fund, countering that the government proponents of the fund "must know that entrepreneurs, by definition, are people who don't need official assistance." That would be correct.

Science and Technology First transatlantic telegraph message sent 158 years ago today
99-word message took 17 hours and 40 minutes to cross the ocean. Today, an e-mail sends the same thing virtually instantaneously. But there are still lots of people around who can't fathom why technology is a good thing.

Humor and Good News A fitting tomb for Fidel Castro

The American Way An e-mail from Milton Friedman
Even a guy who headed the President's Council of Economic Advisers gets a little giddy from getting a note from Uncle Milty

Water News Contaminated water makes campers sick

Graphics Financial Center

Socialism Doesn't Work Dumpster-diving doofuses don't get basic economics
Perfectly healthy and income-earning people are "dumpster diving" for food in places like DC. Several say it's because they are concerned about waste and about damage to the environment, and some like the fact it's apparently "free" food. But on the former point, if they were really concerned about waste and social justice, they would put their efforts to use by helping to coordinate organized ways in which surplus food could be distributed to people who need it. On the latter, they obviously aren't bright enough to grasp the opportunity cost of their time and the health risks involved from playing Oscar the Grouch. If they understood anything about markets, they would realize that no grocery store or restaurant wants to throw away perfectly good food, and that the market encourages those firms to make optimal use of every gram of food they find. Moreover, the dumpster-divers obviously don't get the fact that increased agricultural production and better means of preserving food are a much bigger issue than anything they're going to solve by rooting through Hefty bags of rotten potatoes.

Business and Finance Index funds vs. value investing

Science and Technology The framing effect
How we perceive risk determines what we do about it

Humor and Good News Maniac drives through Paris at ludicrous speeds