Gongol.com Archives: August 2006
Brian Gongol

August 28, 2006

News UK cabinet member wants to "stamp out" schools that want to change British values

Aviation News Allegiant Air makes money serving smaller markets

Water News Rain shortage hurts soybean crops

Graphics Public Restroom

Aviation News Lockheed planning a 12-passenger supersonic jet
Just like Southwest Airlines, doing things differently may be the best way to serve customers and make money in the airline business today

Socialism Doesn't Work Tax breaks won't make Iowa into Hollywood
Why, exactly, should the owner of a tire-repair shop in Sioux City have to subsidize tax incentives just for the good of car-rental firms in Cedar Rapids?

Aviation News Wrong-runway incidents perhaps too common
Appears to be the cause of the ComAir crash, and several people interviewed say it happens "a lot"