Gongol.com Archives: September 2006
Brian Gongol

September 8, 2006

Threats and Hazards President wants more wiretapping authority

The United States of America 2998 flags to up to commemorate 9/11

Business and Finance Irish customers to get 20% increase in electric rates
That's going to hurt

Socialism Doesn't Work EU rules tell British workers when they have to take breaks
The European Union: Quashing individual initiative in the name of a glorious (but wholly imaginary) technocratic future

News NATO short on just about everything it needs in Afghanistan
One of the worst things to do to a fighting force is to leave them with inadequate supplies. For instance, many US troops in Iraq don't have fire-retardant clothing. Given the number of car-bombings, IED incidents, and other fire-related attacks in use, that's inexcusable on the part of the civilian leadership. With many troops going in for second and third tours, this is ridiculously late in the game for them not to have comfortable but life-saving clothing.

Business and Finance EA signs deal to put live ads into video games

Computers and the Internet Program tests websites for malware before user can click through
Certainly fallible, it's still a decent concept. Even better, though, is for people to think about what they're doing online and to use an alternative browser

News Major impediment to WTC reconstruction: Getting that much concrete to Manhattan
Just getting 12,000 construction workers into and out of downtown New York will be a massive undertaking

Threats and Hazards Suspicions confirmed: Terrorists want to strike at Heathrow
President Bush confirms a long-standing suspicion that terrorists have wanted to hit Europe's biggest airport for some time now. Discussions about the best way to conduct air security in Europe are still leaving people unsettled.

Water News Huge wildfire covers 191,000 acres of Montana

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