Gongol.com Archives: September 2006
Brian Gongol

September 13, 2006

Graphics Exits Ahead

Socialism Doesn't Work Costs of Federal regulation: $1.127 trillion
That's more than China's reserves of foreign currency about which people were atwitter earlier this year

Humor and Good News Why conspiracy theories don't seem to hold much water
"They think government is evil-intentioned but supremely, even divinely, competent. That's crazy-talk, Count Chocula."

Iowa Bad news for Iowa's budget
The governor's out patting himself on the back for a $332 million budget surplus for this year -- but the state is going to face automatic spending increases of $615 million or more in FY 2007. $615 million minus $332 million equals a $283 million shortfall next year...to be made up by tax increases. Iowa has a budget problem.

Water News One-third of Nebraska's corn crop goes to ethanol

News Interior Department spends six years covering up oil-lease mistake
Total cost to taxpayers: As much as $10 billion in lost lease revenues

Health Japan to stop listing centenarians
Privacy concerns overwhelm the list. There are 40,000 people aged 100 or over in the US.

Business and Finance Housing market cools off in Twin Cities region
Median prices flat, with sales down by a quarter over last year

Threats and Hazards 1.8 million people in food emergency
In Somalia alone. What would happen if organized groups were to provide quasi-governmental social services, like Hamas has done in Lebanon? What if they were hostile to the West?

Threats and Hazards Neo-Nazis expected to win elections in eastern Germany
Another shining example of when economics could avert problems -- the far right is winning support in eastern Germany because the economy there is depressed; thus, "outsiders" like immigrants provide a convenient and concrete target for peoples' anger over their financial hardships. Germany never dealt effectively with a whole slew of economic issues created by reunification, including the fact that East Germans don't change employers much. Things are also troublesome because wages haven't converged as much as costs have between east and west...thus making eastern Germany that much less competitive economically.

Aviation News UK to lighten up on airline security next week
Hand-baggage limits and liquid bans may be changed

News Canadian woman starts a newspaper in Iraq

Broadcasting Pakistanis using pirate radio to oppose US presence
All the more evidence that the Voice of America is critical to US diplomatic efforts abroad, and that cuts to it are just plain stupid

Humor and Good News The importance of good recordkeeping
Greek church is using Ottoman Empire documents in a court case over who owns land and a lake in Greece

Threats and Hazards Organized crime advertises on the Internet

The United States of America State legislators say Federal government is overstepping its bounds way too much
REAL ID Act, food labeling, National Guard authority among the issues cited

Computers and the Internet Apple thinks iTV will be big moneymaker
It's intended as a simple wireless network that streams programming (like TV shows and movies) from the Internet to television sets and iPods. The whole idea of releasing streamed movie content has long evaded the movie studios.