Gongol.com Archives: September 2006
Brian Gongol

September 18, 2006

Agriculture Foundations put $150 million into better crops for Africa
Both better research and better distribution of the resulting seeds will get the money

The United States of America Where American taxpayers' dollars will go this year

Water News Giant fire burns out of control in Los Padres

Graphics Fountain Head

Threats and Hazards "Latin America has begun a new arms race"
Venezuela, Chile, Colombia, others all bulking up their weapons. The Monroe Doctrine, if we had sufficient goodwill throughout Latin America, would really seem to suggest that Latin American countries could skip much or even most spending on weapons and use that money for investment in their people instead.

Threats and Hazards Kidnappers in China selling babies for profit
Government orphanages have been "fences" in some deals

Health UN official: Media stopped talking about bird flu, but it's still spreading
World Bank estimates a pandemic could erase 3% of global GDP -- that's like losing a full year of growth

Aviation News Air Force wants 381 F-22 fighters
But They're probably only going to get about half that figure

Weather and Disasters Strong typhoon hits Japan
But in keeping with the inverse relationship between a nation's wealth and the death toll in any given natural disaster, only a handful of people were killed. Meanwhile, Hurricane Helene is now a Category 3.

News Political shenanigans mean most ports workers don't have new IDs