Gongol.com Archives: September 2006
Brian Gongol

September 26, 2006

Humor and Good News When going out to get the laundry gets literal
Some Japanese abodes are so small that the washing machine goes outside the house

Threats and Hazards Iranian government closing newspapers, restricting journalists
More than ever, the US should be in the business of broadcasting freedom to the world. Unfortunately, that's not been national policy of late. We can hope, though, that the spread of online PDF newspapers can at least start to plug some of the gaps in news coverage to parts of the world under oppressive governments.

News EU OKs entry of Romania and Bulgaria in 2007
Anyone who doesn't pause once in a while to marvel at the changes since 1989 is really missing the big picture. The EU may be an overgrown bureaucracy, but to think of Romania and Bulgaria as aspirant free-market nations is revolutionary.

Broadcasting Why Geico runs so many TV ads
Unlike many products, auto insurance crosses virtually every age and other demographic category imaginable, so they run ads in all forms of media and target every imaginable audience. The present "caveman" commercial uses a song called "Remind Me" by a band called Royksopp. The music video is 180 from the Geico commercial, by the way.

Humor and Good News The hidden value of smaller communities
A lost cat gets found and returned through a chain of five personal relationships: "Could it happen in your neighborhood? If not...why do you live there?" Something to consider when choosing where to live.

Business and Finance State, local governments bankrupting themselves with generous benefits
Public-sector retirees could be owed $1 trillion in promised benefits that no one has saved for

Threats and Hazards Czech police dealing with "most serious threat ever"
An unspecified terrorism threat has them on their toes. Meanwhile, little or nothing is still being done about the immediate threat to life and limb in Sudan.

News Hugs and kisses all around after Papal meeting with Islamic leaders

Graphics Minor Planet

Water News Council Bluffs sets pumping record in summer 2006

News Army chief of staff withholds budget plan over shortfalls
Says the cost of fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan strains the Army's budget and demands that Secretary Rumsfeld heed his warnings about the shortages. Most Americans probably don't want an under-funded Army. Retired generals are continuing to criticize the Bush Administration for the way they've conducted the war, and a British officer is very openly discussed the shortages of men and weapons in Afghanistan.

News LA drug problem so bad the Postal Service won't deliver mail
Carriers too afraid for their safety to enter some neighborhoods