Gongol.com Archives: October 2006
Brian Gongol

October 11, 2006

Computers and the Internet IE7 is scheduled to ship this month
Most users will get an automatic update of Microsoft's Internet Explorer from IE6 to IE7 sometime in October. Others can download IE7 immediately.

News Plane owned by Yankees pitcher crashes into NYC high-rise
It's strange to hear about condominiums 50 stories tall; the tallest building in Des Moines is only 45 stories. The Bull Moose Club usually meets in the Embassy Club at the second-tallest.

News Davenport woman tries to sell her son to pay for wedding dress
The penalty in Iowa for purchase or sale of an individual is 10 years in prison. The law, it should be noted, specifically excludes surrogate mothers. It's cases like these that keep many Chicago-school free-market enthusiasts from crossing the line into becoming Austrian (privatize-everything-including-the-law) economists.

Computers and the Internet Latest Microsoft Update includes a slew of critical patches
Six, to be specific

Humor and Good News What about Osama's mom?
Best of The Onion this week: "His younger cousins would love to spend some time with him, but they wouldn't even know what he looked like if it wasn't for all those propaganda posters."

Water News Some Nebraska groundwater levels down 30' in six years

Science and Technology New materials make buildings more interesting
Translucent concrete and other new products change the way buildings look. Thank technology and capitalism -- without them, everything might look like some Soviet architectural nightmare. Commercial endeavors are disproportionately responsible for big new ideas.

Science and Technology New science curricula focus on debate and ignore fundamentals
The example comes from the UK, where the level of public knowledge of science may be mucky but is at least better than the nonsense about Creationism that's promoted by some as "scientific dialogue" in the US. Calling matters of faith "science" is an affront to both faith and science.

News Politicians on drugs? Perhaps that explains some decisions...
TV sting operation finds that 12 of 50 Italian members of parliament were on pot, and another four were on cocaine

Humor and Good News Shrimp on a treadmill
Quite possibly the last thing left on the Internet that we haven't seen before

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