Gongol.com Archives: October 2006
Brian Gongol

October 16, 2006

Science and Technology The animated Leonardo da Vinci
Impressive animations turn da Vinci's sketches into motion pictures, giving us a way to see what Leonardo probably "saw" in his own head

News Texas could actually elect a governor named "Kinky"
Kinky Friedman is running second in polls for the gubernatorial race in the Lone Star State, and he's an independent. Related: PJ O'Rourke declares, "At least the Democrats aren't hypocritical about being scum."

Iowa Cedar Rapids used to have a lovely train station

The American Way Should charitable donations be diversified?
A decent question, and one that also relates to questions about whether it's rational to donate to disaster-relief campaigns and how best to bequeath gifts after death

Water News EPA promoting new labeling for water-saving products

Graphics A Capella