Gongol.com Archives: October 2006
Brian Gongol

October 21, 2006

The American Way At long last, anti-competitive government regs on Dallas airlines are lifted

Business and Finance UK spreads use of congestion pricing on roads
Makes sense; set prices according to demand and the limited resource (road space) ought to be used more efficiently

The United States of America Pandering to religious conservatives may have cost Kansas GOP its soul
Bad budget management and nonsense obsessions with social issues have been enough to alienate too many traditional libertarian-type voters

Broadcasting TV license fees: An anachronism
Some European countries have mandatory television-license fees used to support their national public broadcasting agencies. What a bizarre practice to keep up in a world where even the venerable NBC is changing course to adapt to a media landscape that disregards old rules about who produces content, how, and where -- and how they distribute it. Let the public broadcasters stand on their own: It's irrational for governments to fund broadcasting agencies.

News What it's like to wear a full-face veil for a day

Aviation News Nearly one US flight a day experiences a smoke emergency

The United States of America Emergency crews successfully talk 65% of prospective Golden Gate jumpers out of it

News Will Jimmy Carter please shut up?
Former Presidents can be dignified or they can be self-aggrandizing. Carter seems to think his only role in public policy life today is to meddle in international affairs, which confuses the world by suggesting that former Presidents have any bearing upon present diplomacy. Mr. Carter: The present administration is quite adept at sending mixed signals on its own; please stop making things worse.