Gongol.com Archives: October 2006
Brian Gongol

October 26, 2006

Weather and Disasters Big snowstorm closes freeways out of Denver
The airport is open, but many roads aren't. The Red Cross says Hurricane Katrina affected their preparations for the blizzard.

Humor and Good News Ultra-ultra short stories
6-word stories. One of the best: "Husband, transgenic mistress; wife: 'You cow!'"

Agriculture Anti-biotech groups are pro-ignorance

The United States of America If money wins elections, Republicans might hold on to House

The United States of America Cutting back on eminent-domain abuse
A bunch of states have either passed legislation already or are voting shortly on citizens' initiatives to prevent undue takings

Humor and Good News Some art is better than other art
And it can be measured by the "Art-o-Meter", which times the length of viewers' stays in front of different installations

The United States of America Libertarian swing voters
In times like these, when neither party offers many candidates with compelling visions for good government, many voters are inclined to stay home rather than to vote for the proverbial lesser of two evils. But the best protest vote isn't to stay at home; it's to register a write-in vote for anyone but the candidates on the ballot.

Computers and the Internet Incomplete address-bar rendering could be new IE security hole
No specific examples of evil sites using it yet, but it's a vulnerability and another reason to consider use an alternative web browser. Related: We can always rely upon screwball artists to come up with new ways of having fun with these things.

Broadcasting Clear Channel could go private
The publicly-traded parent company of WHO Radio is thinking of pulling itself off the public markets

Socialism Doesn't Work Lou Dobbs Watch
Thank goodness someone's keeping track of the ignorant, xenophobic, opportunistic bombast

Water News Cluster of severe pnumonia cases caused by infected water at spa in retail store

Graphics Seismograph