Gongol.com Archives: November 2006
Brian Gongol

November 9, 2006

Graphics Patch the Call

The United States of America Independent Lieberman wins Senate seat from Connecticut
Since he was unceromoniously booted from the Democratic Party, why does the news media keep counting him as a Democrat? CNN, for instance, shows 51 Democrats and 49 Republicans in the Senate, but their tracking of the Connecticut race clearly shows Lieberman as an independent. Same for Bernie Sanders, who will sit as an independent from Vermont. Fox screws it up, too. Granted, Sanders will probably vote with the Democrats most of the time, but it's hard to see how Lieberman will be persuaded to toe the line. Sure, he's going to join the Democratic caucus for the purposes of committee seniority, but a literal majority was not elected.

Humor and Good News "Uncultured persons never wash"
"And they like to smoke in trolleybuses." Adventures in poorly-translated instructional worksheets.

Computers and the Internet Mozilla releases Firefox
But they really want you to upgrade to Firefox 2.0 instead. Give it another three or four days to let the bleeding-edge users identify the major bugs.

Business and Finance What really puts the squeeze on lower-income workers
As incomes rise for well-educated workers, consumer goods chase those higher incomes. Thus a double-whammy for lower-income workers: Not only don't they have a lot of money with which to buy things, there are also fewer suppliers catering to their consumer demands.

Water News Storm surge causes 5-foot floods