Gongol.com Archives: November 2006
Brian Gongol

November 14, 2006

Water News Year-old "green roof" doing well on Des Moines library

Graphics In Touch

CommerceBucket How to turn poor performers into cash cows

Health Killing kids with kindness and overprotection
The number of kids who are overweight is 45% higher now than it was in 1996. Part of the problem lies with parents who feed their kids junk food instead of making them eat balanced diets. But part of the problem also probably sits with the fact that well-meaning people go to great lengths to avoid using words like "obese" because of the stigma. It might be better to use some harsh language today (and get the kid to change) than to condemn them to heart failure later in life because people were afraid to use the word "fat."

Computers and the Internet Secunia identifies "highly critical" security risk in Firefox
They're fixed in Firefox and 2.0

News Just redesigning a newspaper won't save its circulation figures
Newspaper owners and managers who think that changing the packaging of a paper will revolutionize the paper's financial performance ignore the fact that people read papers (or don't) for some reasons that have nothing to do with how the paper looks. An ugly paper will scare away prospective readers, for sure, but beautiful packaging can't save a paper that has no personality and no compelling writing.

Humor and Good News 94% of fans love Lovey
How can Lovey Smith win such an outrageously high approval rating? By coaching his team to make 108-yard missed field goal returns (video). It may not be a daily practice thing, but if it wins games...