Gongol.com Archives: November 2006
Brian Gongol

November 15, 2006

Computers and the Internet Internet attacks a "backhanded compliment" to Windows
That they attack browsers more often than the operating system is a signal that the OS is getting harder to crack

Graphics Rock It Now

Water News Some drought improvement expected in central Nebraska

Business and Finance Newspapers still suffering big circulation losses

Agriculture 2006 brings the third-largest corn crop in history
Yet prices are still very high by historical comparison, thanks to huge demand for both livestock feed and ethanol. One elevator, for instance, ships 75% of its corn to a nearby ethanol plant. Consumers will notice the prices in higher costs for meat of all kinds and anything that uses corn-based sweeteners. Higher corn prices may also depress the supply of soybeans. On the opposite side, though, soybeans don't need nitrogen fertilizer, which is rising in cost and putting some brakes on the profitability of corn.

Socialism Doesn't Work "Hong Kong is being house-trained"
How China's Communist government uses disinformation to try to work-over the free market system that's worked so well for Hong Kong

Socialism Doesn't Work Chinese Communist bureaucrat picked to run the World Health Organization
A most brilliant and succinct commentary on the pick identifies how choosing a health official from the government that mishandles and covers up SARS is like picking Libya to head up the UN Human Rights Commission. It's like the Peter Principle on steroids: Prove that you're not just incompetent but blisteringly so, and you're eligible to head a UN agency.