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Brian Gongol

November 17, 2006

Graphics Entrepreneur

Threats and Hazards "User-created content" is the easiest way to exploit trust
MySpace exploited by clever phishing attack, and a similar affront was carried out on one of the branches of Wikipedia

Iowa Iowa politics don't belong to religious conservatives
Commentator observes that adding Nevada to the early primary/caucus season will help temper the influence of religious conservatives in Iowa -- as though Iowa were a strongly religious state. Not exactly: Iowa's long been associated with a sort of early 20th Century-style populist progressivism. That some religious conservatives have influence is merely a reflection of the increase in religion in politics nationwide, which itself is just another wave of revivalism -- and one that's destined to tire itself out sooner or later, just like all the revivalist movements have. In 1900, the United Christian Party ran a ticket for President that called for "We believe the time to have arrived when the eternal principles of justice, mercy and love, as exemplified in the life and teachings fo Jesus Christ, shoudl be embodied in the Constitution of our nation and applied in concrete form to every function of our government" (page 214).

The United States of America 88% of Massachusetts state legislators are Democrats

Business and Finance KFC puts the colonel in a new outfit
And it looks like yet another colossal waste -- what was the point? In 10 years (20 at most), the new off-kilter quadrangle behind Colonel Sanders will look as outdated as lime-green shag carpeting, and in the meantime, doing away with the white coat and covering up part of his string tie just erodes the existing brand recognition. Purely a stupid marketing gimmick that will do no good for the company's bottom line. When was the last time GE re-invented their logo?

Water News Iowa DNR want public comments on "sustainable funding" for water and parks