Gongol.com Archives: November 2006
Brian Gongol

November 25, 2006

Socialism Doesn't Work Some imitation Chinese electronics more popular than originals
Chinese disrespect for intellectual property may be one of the biggest economic disruptions of this era

Agriculture Bone fragment threatens US access to Korean market for beef
US cattle raisers want to get back into Asian markets, and when inspectors find a bone fragment in "boneless" beef, that makes things harder. Over-pickiness or not, it's potential trouble.

News Unsettled politics in Taiwan
With lots of other news vying for attention, what's happening between Taiwan and mainland China is the kind of situation on which we still need to keep a pulse

The United States of America The forgotten Hainan incident remembered
Intriguing article recalls a pre-9/11 moment from 2001 in which the US and China nearly came to blows but were saved from it by the quick work of Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice