Gongol.com Archives: November 2006
Brian Gongol

November 26, 2006

The American Way Former anti-outsourcing activist realizes outsourcing can be good for work

Business and Finance The massive endowments of some universities
More than 50 US schools have more than a billion dollars in the bank

News Back to a cease-fire between Israel and the Palestinians
Good news, but as with previous cease-fires, it certainly won't be permanent -- not until the economic quality of life improves in the Palestinian territories. Persistent poverty is a deal-breaker for peace, no matter how good the intentions of the diplomats and public leaders involved.

The American Way Fewer shoppers but higher spending on day after Thanksgiving
60 million people are expected to buy online on the first work day after Thanksgiving. Despite the hype, MasterCard says that day isn't even one of the top-five shopping days of the year. Americans probably do a better job of expressing "thanks" by going shopping than by eating turkey; after all, buying stuff is a good exercise in the pursuit of happiness. The chance for a materially better life -- especially for one's children and grandchildren -- is still an essential element attracting immigrants to the United States.

The United States of America Is the VA under-funded?
A research paper says that the VA is already running a large deficit (in the billions), with expenses rising.

Agriculture Giving thanks for Borlaug
Even despite the reminders of abundance on Thanksgiving, it's easy for Americans to forget that abundant, safe food supplies aren't universal

Socialism Doesn't Work The crookedness of red-light cameras
Red-light cameras are about non-tax governmental revenues, not safety. Once communities become addicted to the revenue stream, why would they give them up?