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Brian Gongol

Business and Finance Notes from the 2012 Berkshire Hathaway shareholders' meeting
Notes attempting to capture the essence of what Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger said on May 5, 2012

News "It's a mistake to stop doing business with China. Just as it's a mistake to think this is business as usual."
An analysis in Bloomberg Businessweek cites the theory that "China's economic miracle will fade because the security-obsessed government will continue to resist the creative destruction that is crucial to innovation".

Science and Technology Dinosaur gas may have killed Jurassic Park

Computers and the Internet Microsoft is going to kibosh "Windows Live" and just start integrating cloud services anyway
They're going to keep on providing the same services, like e-mail, online storage, and messaging, but they're going to start just calling it "Microsoft Account" and using it as the basis for Windows 8.

Business and Finance The plague of inflated job titles

Iowa Police and DOT think stayed-cable median barriers are working well

Computers and the Internet Technology advice for moms on Mother's Day

Computers and the Internet A Facebook rival?
Diaspora is intended as essentially an open-source rival to Facebook and Google Plus, in which users own the data they post (as opposed to Facebook's we-claim-everything rule). They're wisely integrating the service with the existing competition.

Computers and the Internet Microsoft claims it will be carbon-neutral by July

Business and Finance Israel passes law prohibiting undisclosed Photoshopping of models
If he or she has been airbrushed to look skinnier, they have to disclose it

Computers and the Internet Google commences offering integrated ads with its Maps service
They're already starting to offer indoor walking directions for some notable buildings

Business and Finance Goldman Sachs has 5,400 people with titles at or above vice president

Computers and the Internet WiFi-blocking wallpaper
It's been developed, and better yet, it only blocks the frequencies used by WiFi, and doesn't mess with cell phone

Science and Technology Architect wants to build tall buildings out of wood