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Brian Gongol

Business and Finance A great introductory lecture on economics
It's from a University of Chicago professor, so it's already starting out on a good footing. But the added graphics and the enthusiastic style with which it is presented make this a real winner.

Weather and Disasters How chaotic are things in New York?
Reports of a frightening breakdown in ordinary law and order after Hurricane Sandy. There appears to be an awful lot of damage.

Business and Finance "[T]he truth is that U.S. manufacturing has never been stronger" -- but...
..."The catch is that the number of American workers needed to create all that value has dropped steadily."

Computers and the Internet Tech tip: Protect your computer in winter weather

News An extremely expensive public-transit project

News Image matters
A small newspaper in North Sioux City has a profoundly bland flag (the thing most people incorrectly call the masthead). So, while the publisher certainly is within rights to be upset that a political party put out a publication that had some similarities in look to his own paper, he really doesn't have much of a leg to stand on, given that the fonts used in his own publication are the most generic of all: Arial and Times New Roman. Regardless of whether the similarity was intentional or not, a more distinctive look to the regular news publication is definitely in order.

Threats and Hazards New police chief in Cedar Rapids wants license-plate scanners
They're a very disconcerting tool -- particularly if used without a massive amount of civilian oversight and extraordinary safeguards.