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Brian Gongol

April 24, 2015

Threats and Hazards Our enemies are learning all the time
So should we

Computers and the Internet Android gets into the smartwatch game

Computers and the Internet What the public doesn't know about technology definitely hurts it

Computers and the Internet Yet another example of social engineering as the emerging primary vector for online attacks

Threats and Hazards No proof, but "strong suspicion" that Al Qaeda had plans to attack the Vatican

April 25, 2015

News Welding class on wheels
Quite a concept: Take the classroom to the people

Business and Finance Reasonably good career advice from a newspaper editor
But applicable to other career sectors

Business and Finance GE is getting out of the financial sector
Is it just because the future of finance looks so bleak?

Business and Finance Comcast and Time Warner won't merge, after all
And they're out $32 million in lobbying costs in the process

News No more strippers at Chinese funerals