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Brian Gongol

August 16, 2015

Business and Finance One-paragraph book review: "Dangerous Pursuits: Mergers and acquisitions in the age of Wall Street"

Agriculture USDA re-estimates crop sizes for the year
And the upward revision was enough to really shake the markets

Humor and Good News Iowa barber gives haircuts to children in exchange for them reading stories to him

News Knowledge transfer: UK troops help Ukrainian military
...and learn how to face the Russian military in the meantime

Computers and the Internet Apple puts TV service on hold
Negotiating distribution deals is turning out to be harder than expected

News France threatens to open the border at Calais to send migrants to the UK

Aviation News Using business jets to deliver scheduled flight service

Business and Finance Germany in the EU
The EU, founded more or less to keep Germany from getting belligerent again, now faces the problem of having a highly responsibe Germany that subsidizes bad economic behavior by others (who resent it)

Business and Finance A look inside Amazon.com's brutal workplace

Broadcasting Show notes - Brian Gongol Show on WHO Radio - August 16, 2015

August 14, 2015

Computers and the Internet Motorola Mobility to cut 25% of its Chicago workforce
The smartphone maker, spun off from the parent company, then sold to Google, then sold to Lenovo, is cutting 500 jobs in Chicago out of the about 2,000 it employs now. The rest of Lenovo is cutting back, too, and despite the Chicago cuts, the company supposedly wants Motorola to do more of the parent company's smartphone work.

Humor and Good News Prankster goes after people angry about Target's gender-neutrality policy in the toy aisle

Science and Technology Samsung introduces new jumbo smartphones
The Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus are both really big -- "phablet"-sized -- and carry huge price tags: $700 and $800, respectively. Especially as cell-phone service providers move away from the long-term-contract model, consumers may start to get more price-sensitive, and $700 is a really big ticket.

Computers and the Internet Verizon tests 10 Gbps Internet service
Their current FiOS network offerings hit 500 Mbps, which is really fast -- but this is 20 times faster, and the company thinks they could get up to 80 Gbps. Fiber optics make all the difference...now, it just has to become economically feasible for utilities to install that expensive fiber all the way to homes. Densely-populated places will have a huge advantage in getting it first.

Broadcasting Comcast plans a new streaming-video service
Tentatively called "Watchable", it's expected to carry a lot of content from online-only providers and deliver it straight to cable TV subscribers' homes. It reflects the surging demand for content to suit ever-more-specific audiences, and how threatening that is to cable television providers.

August 13, 2015

Computers and the Internet UK government claims 83% of the country has "super-fast" broadband access
By "super-fast", they mean 24 Mbps. The big challenge in the UK, as it is elsewhere, is delivering high speeds in rural areas.

News FCC invites phone companies to workshop on figuring out how to stop telemarketing robocalls

Science and Technology An ambulance drone may be coming
Designed to get things like defibrilators to the scene faster than an ambulance on four wheels

Computers and the Internet Samsung plans to build the world's biggest hard drive
In the standard 2.5" package, it's supposed to hold 16 terabytes

Broadcasting "Sesame Street" isn't leaving PBS...but it'll air first on HBO

August 12, 2015

Computers and the Internet International hacking ring stole info from press-release websites to trade on insider information

Computers and the Internet Hillary Clinton to turn over the infamous server hard drive
Plus a thumb drive containing backups of those disputed emails. A reminder to all of us: If you do serious business by email, you should make sure to deliberately keep a backup someplace safe. Have a strategy for security and backups; don't pull a Clinton.

Science and Technology Smartphones as the "Swiss Army knife" of the Millennial generation
Phones are used to do so many things that they are hard to do without

Computers and the Internet Kim Kardashian busted for endorsing pharmaceuticals on Instagram

Computers and the Internet Google's rearrangement as "Alphabet" doesn't make it a real conglomerate
But they are trying to be a digital conglomerate