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Brian Gongol

October 23, 2016

Humor and Good News Cubs head back to the World Series after 70 years

The team won its first National League pennant since 1945

Threats and Hazards "Goth politics may be the new normal"

What awful things happen after the election? The animal spirits that gave us 2016 haven't been tamed.

Broadcasting AT&T to buy Time Warner

Merging content creation with content distribution. Old Ma Bell has come a very long way back around the block.

News Concession speeches shouldn't be in doubt

Certain niceties are required in a world of self-government

Threats and Hazards "They have achieved complete media and public focus on one bright, shiny object"

Russia's stunts with warships in the English Channel could easily be a distraction from other, nefarious deeds

October 17, 2016

The United States of America People need dignified ways to change their political allegiances

Mark Cuban, who shifted from Trump supporter to strong Trump critic, shared an article suggesting that people with deeply-held opinions on the election need to be treated like dignified adults as they consider changing their minds on a subject like a general election. This is sound reasoning. Some people on the left aren't thinking about the art of persuasion involved; they are blinded by their own ideology, even as they criticize others. But getting what you want isn't a matter of staking out a hard-core, unforgiving position on the election. It may feel good to vent your spleen, but it doesn't win over people who need a face-saving way to do what runs contrary to their normal allegiances. Asking people "What took you so long?" is no way to win over new allies. It's much wiser to say, "Wherever you're from, we're glad you're here." Not everyone who decides that Donald Trump is unfit for the Presidency is ready to vote for Hillary Clinton. Fortunately, those voters have an honorable alternative in Gary Johnson.

News Iraqi army starts effort to retake Mosul

A huge story, especially for those who have viewed the powerful new Frontline documentary on ISIS/ISIL

News Gerrymandering should be ended

President Obama appears to be looking at districting rules as a major area of his own activity post-Presidency. But it needs to be a push for true, unbiased redistricting -- not just an effort for Democrats to "get more". No party should pursue powers while in office that it doesn't want its opponents to have -- because eventually, everyone spends time in the minority. Gerrymandering is very bad for democracy, period.

News We need more people willing and ready to de-escalate confrontation

Including police officers. It doesn't really pass the "smell test" when a man is arrested for, ultimately, nothing more than walking in the street.

Business and Finance Honda is going to build more CR-V models

And they're going to build them in Indiana. American manufacturing isn't dead...it just has to change and evolve.

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