Course Links

Brian Gongol

Fall 1997

Ethics in Biology - Robert Seager
Personal Wellness - Jeanette Marsh
Mass Communication and Society - Anelia Dimitrova
Humanities I - James Robinson
Statistical Methods - Russell B. Campbell

Spring 1998

Practical Aspects of Memory - Julia Wallace
Elements of Weather - Alan Czarnetski
American Politics - Tom Lindsay
Humanities II - Bob Dise
Electronic Production - Joyce Chen

Fall 1998

Food and Agriculture in Iowa - Kamyar Enshayan
Electronic Media Literacy - Chris Martin
Native North America - Tom Hill
Decision Techniques - Craig Mitchell
Macroeconomics - Janet Rives
Public Administration - Dennis Damon

Spring 1999

Advertising - Joyce Chen
Information Systems - Emmanuel Peters
Beginning Writing for Electronic Media - Chris Martin
Media Processes and Effects - Ronnie Bankston
Bill of Rights - Jan Robbins
Microeconomics - Janet Rives
Capstone - Orlando Schwartz

Fall 1999

Art and Politics in the 20th Century - Jeffery Byrd
Television Form, Content, and Criticism - Chris Martin
Electronic Media Audience Analysis - Ronnie Bankston
Broadcast and Cable Programming - Joyce Chen
Communication Technologies - Chris Martin
Intermediate Microeconomic Theory - Jennifer Fuhrman
Money and Banking - David Hakes

Spring 2000

FCC Law and Policy - Ronnie Bankston
Intermediate Macroeconomics - Ken McCormick
Public Finance - Ken McCormick
Cryptology - Tamara Veenstra
Econometrics - Fred Abraham
Legal and Social Environment of Business - Ray Walton

Fall 2000

Electronic Media Management - Ronnie Bankston
Ethics in Communication - Chris Martin
Senior Seminar in Electronic Media - Chris Martin
Electronic Media and Culture - Joyce Chen
Labor Economics - Shahina Amin
Organization of American Industry - Ken Brown

Spring 2001

Principles of Financial Accounting - Robert Krogh
Directed Research in Economics - Ken McCormick
International Economics - Imam Alam
Law and Economics - Lisa Jepsen
Senior Seminar Thesis - Kirk Manfredi