Andromeda's Spring Break 2000
Brian Gongol


"Hey, man, got some herb?" - stoner at Texaco station to Gongol (Sunday night)

"That was so painful, my shoulder hurts." - Driscoll after going to the bathroom (Monday night)

"So what should I get?" - Ron
"A hat, so you can cover that hair." - employee at Joe's Crab Shack

"Skank whores. That's the word for the trip." - Driscoll (at Joe's Crab Shack)

"Schreiner, are you still gonna' be single when you're 30?" - Gongol
"Probably. If not, it can be arranged." - Schreiner (at Joe's Crab Shack)

"I'm here for the chicks." - Gongol (Tuesday night)

"I think I just swallowed a pearl." - Joe (at dinner Tuesday night)

"For all I know, he coulda' asked me if I smoked weed and wore panties!" - Joe (at dinner Tuesday night, responding to a fast-talking waiter)

"I don't know what we do at night, but it rips the sheets all up!" - Schreiner (Wednesday afternoon)

"Even God gets pissed off watching you." - Driscoll (on trying to wake Gongol up)

"Driscoll, that's what you get for playing with junk bonds." - Bauer (after Driscoll's stock fell Wednesday morning)

"My bed's shaking and I'm not even doing it!" - Schreiner
"Well, you got Betty Crocker over here churning the butter." - Bauer (Wednesday night)

"My knee hurts. It popped out of place." - Leifker

"I'm keeping my boys away from your daughter." -Driscoll (to Schreiner Wednesday night)

"I thought I'd need plastic surgery to take the smile off my face." - Bauer (on the girls at Spinnaker Friday night)

"The less you study, the more sex you get. So the chances of me getting any..." - Schreiner (Saturday afternoon)

"I wanna' marry this station!" - Driscoll on 107.9 (Saturday night)

"Gongol, there are cars backing up behind you!" - Theisen
"It's a red light." - Gongol (Saturday night)

"The crooked's so, I mean...the toilet's so crooked..." - Driscoll (Sunday morning)

"If they're gonna' run, we're gonna' pimp." - Bauer (Sunday morning)

Official Dance

The Butter Churn

Official Song

"The Bad Touch" -- Bloodhound Gang