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Brian Gongol

It's an unsettling time we're living in right now -- North Korea testing nuclear weapons, Israel and Jordan at each other's throats, terrorists attacking trains in India...and it gets one to wondering: What kind of personal security do really rich and powerful people get in the US?

It's not a silly question -- remember that Bill Gates got hit in the face with a pie a few years ago. That pie could ahve been a knife or a grenade. According to a story that's only a couple of years old, only about 25 US CEOs get round-the-clock protection. That seems like a pretty small number...and a good argument for everyone to know self-defense of one form or another.

Speaking of leaders and terror, here's a modest proposal for defeating Kim Jong-Il: Deface his propaganda films (video launches when you click). North Korea's dictator has an ego complex that saw him building the world's ninth-tallest building. And the strange part is that it has never been finished.

One last kernel of knowledge: Half the world is under age 25. Wow.