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Brian Gongol

There are probably only two things that make the news of the passing of Milton Friedman somewhat more sufferable:
  1. The knowledge that Friedman's ideas literally made us all wealthier (his influence over issues like free trade, personal freedom, and a well-managed money supply was almost without compare)
  2. The circle of life that brings us the world's happiest baby
Though Friedman's ideas are now pretty orthodox in the West, it's not as though the battle is over. After all, the World Health Organization just put a Chinese Communist bureaucrat in charge (China's government actively hides issues like SARS). But fortunately, there are great thinkers like Greg Mankiw out there promoting freedom and market thinking in Friedman's tradition.

So this Thanksgiving, whether you fry your turkey or not, please take a minute to acknowledge great thinkers like Milton Friedman, who have influenced the world in such a way that we have more to be thankful for.

And if you're into the sort of juvenile humor we talked about at the start of the show, here's the lunatic video spoof of GI Joe.