Brian Gongol Substituting for Steve Deace on WHO Radio
Brian Gongol

American households are expected to spend an average of $449 on gifts this season. How do you decide how much to spend on family?

Fortunately, the weather has cleared up in Denver and the travel industry can catch up on the 2,000 flights cancelled in Denver due to the two-foot snowfall.

If you're crooked enough to be an identity thief, don't be dumb enough to try to pass yourself off as Moises Alou. One suspect was found to have gone Dumpster-diving outside the offices of SFX Baseball, a contract-negotiation firm that serves about one-fifth of MLB players.

The Space Shuttle is back home safely, but it won't be flying much longer. It's just a few more years before the Shuttle is retired -- but you can already buy a ticket for your own space flight. Just $200,000, if you have that kind of cash.

What's so cool about putting a Communist on the side of a CD case? Not much, so Target has pulled an ill-advised piece of Che Guevara merchandise from the shelves.