Brian Gongol Substituting for Steve Deace on WHO Radio
Brian Gongol

Credit-card spending was up 6.6% over last year, according to MasterCard.

A Spanish doctor who flew to Havana says that Castro doesn't really have cancer, as has been widely speculated. Either way, there's no reason to have much sympathy for the long-term Communist dictator. US government policy regarding Cuba has been pretty dumb for a long time (embargoes obviously haven't worked), but Fidel's brand of Communism needs to be shown the door. It might not be effective international diplomacy, but the ad snuck into a Tehran newspaper insulting Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was pretty funny.

Christmas Day is one of the five biggest movie days of the year, though this year's figures weren't absolutely huge. "Night at the Museum" came in first at the box office.

Some of the 100 best jokes on the Internet may be a bit inappropriate, but they're mostly funny.