Brian Gongol Substituting for Steve Deace on WHO Radio
Brian Gongol

Since we're almost at the end of the year, you're almost out of time to save money on your taxes. Joe Kristan, a tax accountant who keeps the Tax Updates Blog, shared some of his year-end suggestions for preserving more money in your own account.

You can give the Hawks a hand by voting for their win against Syracuse as the Pontiac Game-Changing Performance of the Year. If they win in the NCAA voting, Iowa will get $100,000 for its general-scholarship vote early and vote often.

Stay tuned to Newsradio 1040 WHO for updates on Iowa road conditions this weekend. Things are already looking sketchy in central Nebraska, so it's only a matter of time before it reaches us.

Who knew? Rosie O'Donnell has a weblog, and now she's using it to slam Donald Trump, who seems to be a little sensitive in response. Come on, folks: If you're smart enough to get yourselves on television, you're smart enough to know that calling each other fat and stupid is probably beneath you.

Speaking of people who should know better, we should be upset that the incoming House Intelligence Committee chair has no idea who's who in the Middle East. It's one thing if we the taxpayers don't know, but we're paying our Congressional leaders to know better.

We don't pay our state lawmakers enough. That's bad for the state, since it keeps certain classes of people completely out of the business of lawmaking.