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Brian Gongol

Dan went to the Wisconsin Dells this past week -- which put him in close proximity to the House on the Rock, which contains the scary Infinity Room. It stretches out more than 200 feet with a 150-foot drop to the forest below. This may have been the genesis of Brian's fear of unsupported heights, which apparently has no official name. Thus, while he has no problem going to the top of the Stratosphere in Las Vegas, there's no way he's joining Dan for a ride on the roller coaster on top.

A Federal judge has ruled the Child Online Protection Act unconstitutional. This story isn't going away.

The new super-jumbo jet from Airbus landed in LA and New York this week. The best comment: "It's a sperm whale with wings". Not to sound like we're against technology (obviously we're not), but this thing might be a little bigger than necessary. Among other things, it has no mechanical backup to the flight controls.

Ross spent most of the show today drifting aimlessly through, a site full of completely useless information.

The black-market price for your identity: $18.

Get your Security Update for this week.

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