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If you have $4.5 billion burning a hole in your pocket, Chrysler's for sale. One of the potential buyers has been trying to buy the company for 12 years, and at last Dr. Z appears willing to let it go. If you buy into the "Rule of Three", then it might be worthwhile to consider whether Toyota is trying hard enough to become the #3 US automaker, and what that means for Chrysler.

Part of what's crazy about the prospect of a Chrysler sale is that it would be a public company going private. That seems to be all the rage now, including with companies like the Chicago Tribune, which also looks like it's leaving the stock market.

Here's a good test of whether you believe in the value of free trade: Do you still care about Major League Baseball? According to MLB, a quarter of big-league players are from outside the US, and almost half of minor-league players are foreign-born. And good for them -- if you move to the US to play the All-American Game, that makes you an American.

If you took a really cool picture with the family this weekend (say, of buds on the trees), the Internet makes it possible to put that picture on a t-shirt or a mug. Or you can be like my brother and create your own children's clothing.

Why would Vermont residents think secession makes sense instead of trying to fix the problems they think are worth leaving the Union over? It's unfortunate that people are wasting time and energy on a quixotic project like secession instead of using that same time and energy to fix the individual problems that bother them.

Good news for capitalism: The former Communist countries of Eastern Europe have been doing so well since quitting Communism that their stock markets are pulling the rest of Europe up.

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