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Brian Gongol

A student at the University of Florida got out of hand at a public forum with John Kerry and ended up getting tasered by police. If you only watch the tasering itself, you get an entirely different picture of the event than you get from seeing the whole thing.

You have to love the oldest man in the world: He's 112 and says "I want to live indefinitely. I don't want to die." Thanks to medical technology, we're making huge strides towards living longer, but our biggest enemy may very well be our own diets. The American Heart Association has a long list of ways in which we can help ourselves.

China is evacuating more than 2 million people from Shanghai in advance of an approaching typhoon. How it's possible to move that many people is completely beyond me -- when I once tried to calculate the amount of traffic necessary to evacuate a major American city, I was blown away by just how hard it is to move huge populations. But two million? That's just plain beyond my comprehension.

And, yes, it really is state law that you have to use your headlights when your windshield wipers are on. It's section 321.384 of Iowa Code.

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