Brian Gongol Show on WHO Radio - December 12, 2010

Brian Gongol

We had a lot of fun on the show tonight, recovering from the blizzard this weekend and all of its accompanying aches and pains that accumulated with the time spent shoveling. With the news that the A&P grocery company is going under bankruptcy protection, we note that it's sad when we lose some of these heritage companies with great names (like "Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company"). We discovered that the Kodak company is a successor to a firm known as General Aristo Company, which may be one of the greatest old-school company names ever.

And we discussed the truly fascinating development of great speech-to-text programming that allow me to talk into my Android-based cell phone and get nearly-perfect results printed automatically. Very cool.

What's not cool is that China is using its big stockpiles of cash to build its diplomatic standing around the world, while you and I and our 310,900,000 closest friends here in this country are on the hook for $13,846,500,000,000 in debt -- or $44,536 for every single one of us. That's absurd.