Keeping the Shop Open During a Disaster
Brian Gongol

During and after a disaster, whether manmade or natural, environmental or biological, one of the most urgent needs is for businesses and organizations to remain in operation as long as possible and to resume normal operations as quickly as possible. This is the concept of business continuity.

Business continuity is important for a number of reasons: Moreover, people derive feelings of satisfaction from work and a sense of normalcy when they can participate in it.

The importance of business continuity is easily underrated, but experience proves it to be essential: Despite the importance, few businesses have effectively addressed the need to prepare for business continuity. The risks are many: Even extremely local disasters (like a fire at the office or a tornado strike) can be devastating to the businesses affected.

Thus, it's important to consider the following issues of business continuity: This is certainly not an exhaustive list, but managers and business owners should realize that it's not a matter of paranoia or greed to be worried about how to keep a business open in times of disaster -- it's really a moral obligation to their employees and their employees' families to be certain they can act swiftly in times of crisis.