"Honda: The man and his machines" by Sol Sanders

Brian Gongol

One-paragraph review: Sometimes biographies of the living are made much more interesting by the passage of time, and this book is no exception. Written in the mid-1970s when Soichiro Honda was still alive and his company only starting to enter the US auto market with the Civic (at the time, its only car in the American market), this book vividly portrays what might be called the "DNA" of the company -- the ideas, structures, and spirit of the firm that directed what it has become today. At the time of writing, Honda was still very much a scrappy upstart -- not one of the world's largest automakers and surely its dominant maker of small engines. Easy to read, sufficient but not overwhelming in detail, and ultimately quite fascinating to anyone familiar with the story of Honda as it has evolved since.

Verdict: Intriguing as a biography and instructive as a business text

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