"Moneyball" by Michael Lewis

Brian Gongol

One-paragraph review: With the Cubs having turned around their fortunes in the most dramatic way, it seemed like the right time to enjoy "Moneyball". And it certainly is a pleasurable book. Like most of Michael Lewis's work, it's colorfully written, portrays big personalities, and is a breeze to get through. It's surprisingly (and maybe a touch disappointingly) light on the actual statistics and formulas that changed the way that major league teams looked at baseball performance -- content that would have been nice, especially now that "Moneyball"-type tactics are de rigueur and the metrics of choice have shifted a bit due to the success of the initial breakthrough. It's less textbook than character novel. But it's a fun, easy volume for even casual baseball fans.

Verdict: A great choice for audiobook listening on the way to a road game