Gongol.com Archives: August 2005
Brian Gongol

The American Way (8.4.2005)
Dragging Some Old Favorite Quotes from the Cellar
Perhaps the best was from the movie The Newton Boys:
"Last year, they wouldn't even let him in here. But policy's changed.

"Yeah? Why's that?"

"He bought the place."
Others that used to land on the front page of this very site and in some e-mail signature blocks affiliated with it might bring the reader some joy, too. This retrospective is brought to you courtesy of voluntaryXchange.

Broadcasting (8.4.2005)
SoundAmerica TV Theme Collection

Broadcasting (8.4.2005)
80's TV Theme SuperSite

News (8.4.2005)
Mexico Surpasses Colombia, Venezuela in Kidnappings
(Spanish) Almost 200 so far this year

Weather and Disasters (8.4.2005)
Up to Nine More Hurricanes This Year
(Spanish) It's an extraordinary tropical storm season

The United States of America (8.4.2005)
Congress Approves Largest Highway Spending Bill Ever
$286.5 billion. And that's with Republicans in charge.

The United States of America (8.4.2005)
Palmeiro in Trouble for Lying About Steroids to Congress
Begging the question: Why in the world did Congress get involved in the steroid fiasco to begin with?

News (8.4.2005)
Coup in Mauritus
The smaller the government, the less useful it is to take over in, for example, a military coup. The more the government controls (including news agencies and broadcast outlets), the more that is to be gained by taking over.

Socialism Doesn't Work (8.4.2005)
EU Regulations Now Clinically Insane
"Optical Radiation Directive" would prohibit construction workers from taking their shirts off and ends the dirndl -- that low-cut top that Bavarian barmaids wear in outdoor festivals. It's argued as a regulation to protect people against skin cancer, but isn't it really just a patent absurdity?